If you’re running or doing your workouts but still want to listen to music, it’s sometimes inconvenient to still carry your smartphone in your pocket or have it somewhere near you just to be able to do both. So smartwatches that let you have offline support for your favorite music app have a distinct advantage. Those who plan to own or already own a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus device can now join that music party with support for Spotify, even when offline.

This new line of expensive and sporty smartwatches from Garmin have built-in GPS support, heart rate monitoring, and also maps in full color. Now you can add support for Spotify among the things that may appeal to potential users. You will also have to be a Spotify Premium customer to be able to enjoy this support but if you really want to leave your phone at home when working out, you’ll probably subscribe to it if you haven’t yet.

You will have to create a playlist in your Spotify account and then sync it over Wi-Fi to your Garmin smartwatch. Well of course it has to be one of the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus devices since that’s the one that has support for it. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to access, play, and control the music on your wearable, even when your smartphone isn’t there and you’re offline.

The new line of Garmin smartwatches has Bluetooth headphones support of course so you’ll be able to listen to the songs you saved. You should be able to store up to 500 songs based on its built-in storage capacity. You will also get 8 hours of battery support if you’re playing music. However, that doesn’t take into consideration the other things you’ll do on your device, like monitor heart rate, track your workouts, etc.

There is no news yet if they will expand Spotify support to other Garmin smartwatches in the future. For now, you’ll have to get one of the new ones in order to enjoy offline playback from your Premium account.

VIA: SlashGear