The running community is probably one of the best friends of the smartwatch market, particularly those that are focused on fitness-related devices and features. Garmin is one of the most popular brands out there that cater to this segment and they have been releasing pretty useful (and expensive!) devices over the years. They have now announced a brand new line of Forerunner GPS running smartwatches: Forerunner 45, Forerunner 45S, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 245 Music, and Forerunner 945. The price range from these devices is from $199.99 – $599.99.

All of the five new devices in this line have an intuitive 5-button design and you will be able to operate them whether or not you have gloves on so it means you can use it in any weather condition. All of the smartwatches’ displays are always on and readable even under sunlight and have GPS, all-day activity tracking, smart notifications, and wrist-based heart rate monitors. They also have a new safety feature so you can let your chosen contacts know your real-time location. You can also use them of course with the Garmin Coach app so you can get free training plans, no matter where you are on the running spectrum.

The Forerunner 45 and Forerunner 45S are suited for those who are running beginners or who want a relatively affordable GPS smartwatch. They say it’s pretty easy to use so if you’ve just started training or you’re on a new exercise plan, this may be for you. The Forerunner 45S has a smaller case at 39mm as compared to the Forerunner 45 which has a 42mm case. Aside from tracking your run, it will also record your efforts doing other exercises like cycling, elliptical, yoga, cardio, etc. You can actually wear them 24/7 and the battery should last you 7 days if in smartwatch mode and 13 hours in GPS mode. They will be available by May and pricing is at $199.99.

The Forerunner 245 and Forerunner 245 Music are slightly more advanced with the latter having the capacity to store up to 500 songs and you can also sync preloaded music from Spotify and Deezer. They both support performance monitoring tools and also swimming profiles since they’re waterproof. You get 7 days battery life in smartwatch mode, 24 hours in GPS mode, and 6 hours in GPS mode with music. They have 42mm casing and costs $299.99. They’re already available on Garmin and selected retail stores.

Lastly, the Forerunner 945 is the most premium of these devices with even more advanced key performance monitoring tools to help you train not just for casual running but for things like triathlons and long-distance running. It also adds other profiles like skiing, hiking, golfing, etc. It can hold up to 1,000 songs and also supports Garmin Pay’s contactless payment solution. You get 2 weeks battery life in smartwatch mode, 36 hours in GPS mode, and 10 hours in GPS mode with music. The regular version is priced at $599 but you can get a triathlon bundle which includes blue and black silicone bands, HRM-Tri™, HRM-Swim™, and a quick release kit for $749.99.