Adapt or die is what appears to be the case here with GameStop. Back in late October they started offering Android tablets in-stores along with a few pre-loaded games for free as incentive and apparently that trial run of 200 stores went quite well. GameStop will now be offering multiple tablets like the Transformer Prime and more in over 1,600 stores nationwide.

GameStop will be selling ASUS, Samsung, Acer, and Toshiba tablets all pre-loaded with tons of games, and free subscriptions to GameStop’s gaming magazine. Some of these games include Sonic CD, Riptide GP, Kongregate Arcade and many more. What makes this a good deal is many of the games will cost most tablet owners money, but buy from GameStop and they come pre-loaded for free.

As you can see above, the tablets will be priced the same as the competition making the additional content worth buying it from GameStop instead of the competition like Best Buy or online. GameStop stores will also be offering cases, screen covers, and wireless Bluetooth gamepad controllers all in select stores as well. To learn more head to

[via TechCrunch]