GameStop is diving in the deep end of the mobile game streaming, having recently purchased Spawn Labs. Their plan is to go head to head with Steam, and do it with Android leading the charge. With Spawn Labs, GameStop will provide game streaming to any internet connected device, and the mobile market in particular. Why did they choose Android? Control.

“Getting game control in a way that works for console games is hard,” noted Spawn Labs’ David Wilson, ” but only because Apple controls both the physical and Bluetooth interfaces to the device. Android is more within our control than the iPhone.”

So once again, the Bot’s greatest strength is it’s open source attitude. With it, Spawn Labs can create streaming games that can work on both console platforms and mobile devices. And thanks to their recent purchase of game distribution arm Impulse, Gamestop begin offering new games for sale that can be streamed directed to your Android device. That should heat up the market which has been largely dominated by Steam.

Spawn Labs has been known as the “Slingbox for video games,” allowing users to stream games to any Internet capable device in HD-quality (720p). It also utilizes a peer to peer gaming platform which places social networking right in the heart of every gaming experience. Impulse brings a library of over 1,100 games ready to download, along with account management tools like achievements, friend lists, chat, multi-player lobbies, and cloud storage within their games. And with the trend moving towards multi-core mobile devices, it won’t be long before users can start a game on their PC or game console, and finish it while in the car on their Android.

[via DroidGamers]



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