With the GameStick Kickstarter almost out of time, the company has revealed the final design for the controller along with a new docking station. That said, those still on the fence about backing the GameStick, you have a little less than 70 hours. Of course, there is clearly no need to worry about the project being funded at this point. We have already seen the project climb to more than $500k when they were originally looking for $100k.

Current status aside, lets focus on the controller design. The folks at GameStick have dubbed this as having been “designed by Kickstarter.” According to what we have seen, the GameStick was designed to not be intimidating for the casual gamer, but at the same time, full-featured enough for the heavy gamer. You will have to judge how well that concept applies once the product makes its way into your hands.

In the meantime though, some of the perks from this new design include rounded corners, extended palm grips, a polished top deck and a rubberized bottom deck. The GameStick crew has said the controller should “feel lovely” in your hand. Other goodies include a rubber D pad, a rubber home button and XBYA buttons (changed from PLAY) to help make it easier for developers to port games. The analog sticks were also changed a bit and now use full multi-way + switch systems with rubberized mushroom caps.

The controller has also been given a microSD card slot and the HDMI stick now sits on the back (as opposed to sliding in on the top). Moving over to the docking station and we find a piece that will allow for wire-free charging and with features to include USB and HDMI ports as well as peripheral support for cameras, microphones, keyboards and mice. The docking station also has a memory card slot which means that in total — you can now have a 104GB GameStick.

[via SlashGear]