Eager backers who supported the long overdue GameStick Android gaming console are probably at their wits’ end from all the hoping and waiting. The torture might soon be over as the device just passed through the FCC, one of the last steps needed before it finally gets shipped to its remaining fans.

The GameStick story is one filled with conflicting emotions. After enjoying a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, in which it was able to raise almost 7 times more than its initial funding goal, the project was met with one delay after another. What should have already shipped by April was pushed back to August, September, and now, October. That last one might be the real deal as the portable gaming console makes its way through the FCC before finally being let out in the wild.

While the FCC filing doesn’t give us anything new, it does offer us a few glimpses, both the external case and the innards, of the dongle that actually runs the whole show. It seems that the GameStick will ship with some cables and a wall charger for the controller. Not shown in any of the photos is the wireless controller that also serves as the dongle’s house when not in use.

There is still no solid launch date, but the last word is that it will be on October 29. Hopefully, all the delays have not affected the price so that the GameStick will still sell for $79, a bit lower than the OUYA.

VIA: Liliputing