The success or failure of a platform often comes down to available apps. Or in this case, available games. And based on that, it looks like the folks at GameStick have taken another step forward. GameStick has announced a new partnership with Ubisoft. And slightly better, Ubisoft titles will be available shortly.

There isn’t a long list of game titles just yet, however there was mention of the Prince of Persia franchise. In this case, that means GameStick users will be getting Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame. A specific release date has yet to be given, however the rough timeline that was given suggests the title will be available soon.


Details coming from PlayJam mention how it “will be available on the GameStick storefront this year.” Well, as we are in the final month of the year, it looks like the release will be in weeks at most. As for additional titles from Ubisoft — that looks good. Frédéric Peltier, Business Development Manager at Ubisoft offered the following;

“We have been following GameStick´s progress with keen interest since launch earlier this year. We feel this device and its target market presents an exciting opportunity to further broaden access to our games.”

Otherwise, there was also mention of how the GameStick Game team remains “fully engaged” with AAA publishers as well as indie developers for additional games. Outside of the Ubisoft partnership news, the GameStick is currently available direct from PlayJam as well as with retailers to include GameStop and Amazon. The system is selling for $79.99.