We feel like our week is incomplete if we don’t give you a roundup of new games that you can try, so here we are again. And If you have an Android device with one of those ginormous 128GB internal storage modules, then it makes it all perfect. Don’t think you have to fill up your phone with selfies when there will always be new games for you. And while not all of them will be great, there will be some that is worthy of your few gaming minutes. Those are the games we want you to try out, so that you have something to break the monotony with.


Never mind that it probably is a shameless ripoff of Fortnite, and never mind that it announced its beta testing just mere hours before Fortnite’s mobile app became available for testing as well – FortCraft is a battle royale game that may have some interesting bits to offer. The twist in FortCraft is that while you’re running around a massive island with 99 other players all intent on killing one another, you can collect materials that can be used to build structures, like walls and ramps. It’s free and still in beta, so check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Fighting Fantasy Legends

There have been many games that tried to bring Steve Jackson’s “Fighting Fantasy” tabletop RPG games to either PC or mobile, but the general opinion of these games is that they’re not very good. Enter Nomad Games’s Fighting Fantasy Legends, and you probably now have a game that feels very faithful to the tabletop RPG’s dynamics. The game is available now for USD$5.00, and if you are an RPG fan through and through, this game is a boon to you.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Pokemon GO

If you haven’t tried Pokemon GO, or if you quit the game and now need some encouragement to jump back in, now might be the time. Niantic will now be enabling Facebook account linking, allowing trainers to login using their Facebook accounts. Also, the legendary Pokemon Lugia will be coming back to raid battles soon, and if you missed the opportunity before to get one for your Pokedex, now is the time.

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Wizards of Brandel

If you’re feeling more like a JRPG, the absolute leaders in that niche market is Kemco, and they’re putting out a new RPG for you in Wizards of Brandel. The storyline will be new but familiar for JRPG fans – heroes traveling together to save the world from a great evil. That said, we’re not saying this won’t be fun at all. If you like JRPGs, then it will be imperative that you get this. It will cost you a premium USD$7.99, but the game is now on sale for USD$4.99.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


If you’re looking for a good puzzle game to sink your teeth into, Stampede Games may have just the thing for you. The game is called “.projekt” and it is a puzzle game with a very minimalist approach. The game will have you aligning blocks on a grid so that the shadows match with the shapes projected on two surrounding walls. The game eases you into the system, it really gets much more difficult the further you progress. The game’s design is worth the USD$1.99 you pay for it, we can promise you that.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

My Tamagotchi Forever

The time is now, the Tamagotchi is back. Bandai Namco has released “My Tamagotchi Forever”, the game that will have you playing with your own digital pet again. You can raise your very own Tamagotchi, and it needs your daily care to stay healthy and happy. You need to keep it fed, washed, and entertained, and rested. If you’re ready to go back into that world, then jump in by all means.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store



Valve wants to get a slice of the mobile market, and it is planning to bring the Dota 2 world into mobile via a game called Artifact. According to Valve, “the game will feature high production values, novel mechanics, and an AI that teaches the player how to play.” Could it be the competitor for Hearthstone that we have been waiting for? The game is set to launch around the end of 2018.


Check out the gameplay of the new battle royale game for mobile Fortnite, thanks to a new trailer that was just released by Epic Games. If you’re excited for this, then watch the video. The game is currently on beta on the iOS platform, so we’re waiting for it to drop at the Play Store soon.