You might be looking to update your games collection, whether on your Android device or on another mobile platform. We know how game hunger feels, and if that’s how you feel right now then we’ve got you covered. We take our job seriously, pointing you to new games for your mobile platforms. And given the number of new games that come out on a weekly basis, we’ll probably never be quite “done” with this. We’re here to make sure that you’re informed if some great games come out. If you’re a gamer by heart, then these games listed here might be worth looking at. If you simply need a game to play for the few minutes while waiting for your next daily task, we won’t judge you, because the games we list down here are for everybody.

Life is Strange

Square Enix has brought to mobile one of the more popular episodic adventure games which started on the PC platform – this is “Life is Strange” and it is now available on Android. This game is considered to be one of the best interactive stories in its time, and it’s good that Android gamers are now going to have a taste of this game. All five episodes are reportedly available, and it is free to download, but expect some monetization at some point or another. The first episode is probably free, but you will likely need to pay for the next episodes.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Marvel Battle Lines

It seems that there is an endless supply of Android games that feature your favorite Marvel Universe heroes. This time, you’re getting an official card battle game that features over 100 Marvel heroes, made by game outfit Nexon. The gameplay allows players to put cards on a grid where their special abilities will help your team beat the other player’s cards. This is now available in certain territories, so check the link below if you can already try this. If not, we’re pretty sure a global launch will be forthcoming.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji is an RPG that recently launched on Android, and has quite the following too. Because of that, NetEase is launching another game that features heroes from the original JRPG, but this time in MOBA format. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games pit heroes against each other on a restricted map, trying to beat each other and destroy the other team’s base. If you played Onmyoji and enjoyed it, you should check out this new MOBA game.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Teen Titans GO Figure!

With the upcoming animated Teen Titans movie and a full length live action movie from DC also coming soon, it’s no wonder that Cartoon Network felt it was good to launch a follow-up effort to the original Teeny Titans mobile game. The new “Teen Titans GO Figure!” game contains over 100 collectible heroes, including fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the Radical Titans. The gameplay is taken from the original game, and battles are 3v3. Tap on each of your three heroes to switch them on the fly, so that you can use the best moves at the right moments.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Boxing Star

Gaming outfit 433 has a new game called “Boxing Star” which is now available for Android gamers. The gameplay will mostly be swiping, tapping and holding to control your fighter and dish out jabs, uppercuts, dodges, and special moves. The game’s story mode will put your fighter in a local fight club to make your way up the ranks and become a pro boxer. Sounds pretty fun.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


Jikkyou Janjan Stadium

If you are a fan of Konami’s Weekly Shonen Jump, then here’s a new 6-minute trailer for a cute fighting game that features chibi version fighters of iconic characters from the Weekly Shonen Jump universe.

Alto’s Odyssey

As per this tweet, we only have a few days to wait before we get the much awaited Alto’s Adventure sequel.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush will be getting a fourth iteration in Kingdom Rush Vengeance.