The latest data from Nielsen is in and it shows that the most popular type of mobile apps are video games for the Android platform and on iPhone too. I doubt that anyone will be surprised that games are the most popular apps. We would all probably rather play games than have to use some productivity app for work or school. Nielsen shows that the vast majority of app downloader are willing to pay for games.

The percentage willing to pay for games is 93% and 64% of users admit that games are the most common apps that they have used in the last 30 days. The data also shows that 76% are willing to pay for news. I am more than a little surprised at that number. I would have thought the percentage willing to pay for news would be much lower.

Other app categories that users will pay for include entertainment apps with 87%, productivity at 84%, and navigation at 84%. On both Android and the iPhone the most time spent on an app are games with iPhone users spending 14.7 hours monthly playing games and Android users spending 9.3 hours monthly on games. The survey was of 300,000 people and about 4,000 app downloaders.

[via ibtimes]