GameOn watch, share and record gameplay videos

Amazon is about to contribute to the gaming community. No, it doesn’t have a new gaming device available but it has just launched GameOn. It is a special app that lets mobile gamers share their gameplay videos. This gaming service is more for the mobile consumers who may want to show their community what they’ve been up to. It is mainly for the people who share the same passion for gaming. With the app, they can capture their games and share the victory with others.

The GameOn app can capture videos from 30 seconds to five minutes. They are only short clips of your favorite games. According to Amazon, there are more than 1,000 games in the list that are supported by GameOn. Some of the more popular titles include Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Angry Birds 2, and PUBG Mobile among others.

You can edit the video clips that are stored on your phone before sharing them on your profile page on GameOn. Feel fee to add on-screen captions or selfie commentary. It is more of a mobile game recorder and a challenge app that aims to offer a different gaming experience.

If you like gaming, we recommend you use this because you can review your funny moments, walkthroughs, achievements, and of course, gameplay. The app is free for gaming enthusiasts.

GameOn Gameplay App

GameOn lets you record gameplay, record any game footage, use screen recorder with Facecam, share recordings via social media services, personalize game clips, and recall recording. GameOn also features weekly challenges so things can be more fun. Download GameOn from the Google Play Store.