The extremely popular shooter from Gameloft we all know and love called N.O.V.A. is about to get a third installment. We’ve been big fans of N.O.V.A. here at AC and today Gameloft has just released the first video preview trailer of the new NOVA 3. What you’ll see below they claim is actual game footage and looks pretty awesome. I’m excited already.

NOVA has been extremely popular and is still one of my favorite first person shooters for Android. The controls are excellent, and same goes for the gameplay and graphics. A nice mix of Halo and Gears of War is what NOVA could be considered if you ask me. Without further interruption check out the awesome new video trailer provided today from Gameloft.

We don’t have any details at this point as the preview trailer was just released earlier today. According to Gameloft this will be their next big blockbuster release (hopefully in time for summer) and will be available on Android and iOS. Hopefully they release it at the same time for both platforms, that has been a common practice as of late. I can’t wait to see more from Gameloft as this looks to be one of their best yet.

Who’s excited?