When I heard Gameloft was having a mega-sale and would be offering all of their games for Android at a low low price of only $0.99 I got plenty excited for a few. One in particular was Modern Combat 3 — but we quickly realized that new and exciting game wasn’t included since it was just released. Today that has changed.

In case some of you have missed their tweets over on Twitter Gameloft is offering the awesome new shooter Modern Combat 3 for only $0.99 cents today like they have been with all their other games. Sadly the sale is 24 hours only so if you’re looking to get in on the full powered rifle action you’d better hurry. Use those x-mas gift cards or whatever means necessary and get it while it’s hot.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it but just in case you haven’t here is the awesome preview trailer so you know what that dollar will get you.

Worth it? Most definitely. With hours of gameplay, tons of weapons and even multiplayer support you’ll be getting your dollars worth that is for sure. The controls on a small screen might not be the easiest but practice makes perfect and you’ll be able to knock out those “headshots” in no time. Don’t forget to check out a few other awesome Gameloft games like Asphalt 6 or UNO while you’re in the buying mood.

MC3 Market Link