For those that may not know, most of the popular Android games made by the popular developers Gameloft do not get released to the Android Market. Most are only available from their own online store, especially when they are some of the more popular releases like Modern Combat. Today just that has happened, Gameloft is offering the latest first person shooter in the Android Market and it is available now.

Recently Gameloft games have also been making it to the Amazon App Store, so this could be a change in releases from Gameloft. That or this is one of the few games they will be allowing download and installation from the Android Market. It looks like it was added and updated as of yesterday, May 10th. There is a few reviews suggestions that the game has a “compatible hardware” check it does so some users bought it, then had to refund the game because it would not play on that specific device. So for now you probably should not buy the game if you run a NOOKcolor.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus looks to be a pretty fun and graphic intensive first person shooter, so I understand why there is a hardware compatibility checker built it. There is no mention of that in the market so I just thought I’d mention it before you all run and buy the game. I know you are excited to shoot at people in the jungles on your new G2x or Droid Charge. The game has been out for a while, but not in the official market, so for the users that only get access via the market this is good news. Get Modern Combat now in the Android Market for US $6.99

[via Android Market]



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