When it comes to mobile gaming, there are few companies as big as Gameloft. There have been plenty of console and PC publishers who have made their presence known in the mobile gaming space, but Gameloft is one of the few to rise to the top through releasing only mobile games. Therefore, you’ll excuse us while we jump up and down at the news that Gameloft’s line up for 2013 has been leaked.

The list that has been leaked is apparently the real deal, as Gameloft has supposedly been trying to track down and remove the information. Considering that Gameloft puts out some really stellar games for mobile devices, we can’t really blame websites for getting excited about this leak, but at the same time, we can’t really blame Gameloft for wanting to keep this stuff a secret. After all, just because a game is in development doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing, so Gameloft may not want these game titles out in the open on the chance that one of the games on the list ends up cancelled.

Really though, given the success some of Gameloft’s series have enjoyed, it probably won’t come as much of a shock to see a number of sequels on the list. Some of Gameloft’s biggest franchises are apparently due for a new installment in 2013, so fans have every reason to get excited. Here’s the list of new Gameloft titles rumored to hit in 2013, which comes from Touch Arcade.

Edit: List has been removed at the request of Gameloft.

Based on what we’ve seen it appears that Gameloft has a full year ahead of it. Not only are most of it’s major franchises getting new installments (with the notable exception of N.O.V.A. interestingly enough), but Gameloft will also be releasing a handful of movie-based titles for some of 2013’s biggest flicks. Also worth pointing out is the fact that Gameloft has a number of different genres covered in its 2013 line up, so many gamers should be able to find something that suits them. We’ll have to wait and see if this is all true, but one thing is certain: 2013 should be a big year for Gameloft fans. Stay tuned.

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