If you’re wondering what the real difference is between oct-core and quad-core chipsets, Gameloft has an answer. While the video below doesn’t offer a complete rundown of just what the next leg of the spec race entails, it does offer some insight on gaming performance. As it turns out, games could get a lot more detailed, and hopefully fun.

With four extra cores to help with processing, game developers like Gameloft can add a richness to their games not conceivable before the current chipset. Using MediaTek’s new MT6592 chipset — because, you know, it’s the only octa-core on the market — Gameloft created a side-by-side video, highlighting some of the updates they can make with more under the hood.

While we don’t see a big jump in things going on, Gameloft was able to add details that just make the game stand out a bit more. An explosion in nearby water creates water droplets on your “screen”, and underwater distortions seem a bit more lifelike. Water is one of those things that is hard to render anyway, and for mobile, we have to say Gameloft has done a really nice job.

Depth of field also improves a bit, making things on your screen seem appropriately distant. Shadowing and reflections are also better, giving that realistic feel Gameloft seems to be striving for. All in all, octa-core performance adds another layer to gameplay that we think has bigger impacts than just aesthetic tuning. With so many cores, multitasking will improve greatly, and that’s just an awesome, scary thought.