Who’s ready for a little Draw 4 or reverse cards while playing UNO & Friends live with your buddies on Android? Today the popular game publisher Gameloft released UNO & Friends to the Google Play Store, and it’s full of multiplayer game action and more. Sadly it doesn’t use the new Google Games integration, and instead will be synced to Facebook.

Back in March they released a teaser video that was pretty intense, but starting today you’ll be able to get and enjoy the real thing. It brings the same fun of UNO for Android they previously offered, only now it’s full of multiplayer action completely free.

While the game doesn’t take advantage of the new Google Games experience and leaderboards, you’ll be able to keep track of everything and play with friends from Facebook. This is a drag for Android users, but the big picture here is the game can be played anywhere. From your smartphone, tablet, or even the PC right from Facebook. It’s cross-platform and you can play with everyone.

If you wanted to see it in action, the video above is a quick glance at what we can expect from the new UNO & Friends by Gameloft. It’s time to gather up a few friends and play this classic card game, only we won’t be sitting around the fire, we’ll be able to play it anywhere and anytime. If you loved the original give the free multiplayer version a try from the link below.

SOURCE: Play Store