gameloft brothers

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War for Android was recently released by Gameloft. That’s another game to add to your list of games you’d be playing during the Christmas vacation. I’m not a fan of war games but I know why such can be popular. It’s another World War II-themed 3rd person shooter game. It’s actually a follow up to the Brothers in Arms 2 released back in 2011. Gameloft has not forgotten fans of the game but it took them a while to launch something new.

The new Gameloft title is still the same shooter game but now with more adrenaline-pumping action, more powerful weapons, and spectacular killcams . This time, it features a unique squad-based combat that allows the game to use his brother to have a tactical advantage. Feel free to use Mortar Fire, Rocket Blast, Molotov, and Air Strike. You can choose from among the different types of missions: Stealth, Siege, Sniper, and Assault. It’s up to you which mission you’ll dive into.

In this new version, you can unlock new allies or upgrade them into the best soldiers or get new experimental weapons that can be upgraded into the ultimate arsenal. As expected, visual effects are amazing while outdoor and indoor settings have been enhanced as well. Game is free for download but in-app purchases are available.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 from the Google Play Store