Gameloft has been under quite a bit of heat regarding how billing from its online store has been handled. Users were reporting being billed multiple times when using the company’s online web store.

We do not know why the company is avoiding using the Android Market to distribute its applications. After many refinements the Android Market is becoming the easiest and most reliable way to get applications out for developers, and its use would certainly never have this big as a backlash from angry customers.

The company has started issuing refunds to the “0.05% affected” and if you were billed multiple times you should see your charges being reversed here soon.

Gameloft would like to apologize to those who were affected by the following situation on Gameloft’s Android store:

We spotted an issue in our billing process that affected 0.05% of all transactions on our stores in December. After having bought one game through a credit card, some customers were charged a second time under certain circumstances.

All customers who received extra charges will be automatically refunded for all related game charges directly to their credit card accounts, and will receive a free game credit.

This bug has been fixed today.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused some of our customers. If you need further assistance on Gameloft’s offer for Android please contact: