Top-rated developer Gameloft has announced the fifth installment of the Dungeon Hunter series is currently in the works, but this early, followers of the game, as well as new users, can pre-register at the game’s micro-site (see source link below) to qualify for in-game rewards that can come in handy once the game launches officially.

Although Dungeon Hunter 5 is still under development, Gameloft has so far revealed that this version of the widely-popular game carries vast improvements with regard to graphics, gameplay, and user interface. Through its Developer Diary videos both on YouTube and the micro-site, Gameloft is saying that DH5 features a new multiplayer aspect, along with a “fusion” feature that allows the player to level up weapons and gear along with their primary character. The multiplayer element is especially interesting, as it allows players to create their own bases, or more appropriately called “dungeons,” and fill it up with characters or minions that they can use to raid other players’ dungeons for gold or to defend the player’s own. The cherry on top here is that at the end of each raid, one is forced to confront the user’s primary character, making it the boss opponent.

The storyline for Dungeon Hunter 5 is essentially a carry-over from the fourth installment, where the player now deals with the consequences of the events in DH4. In the aftermath of the demon invasion, the fictional kingdom of Valenthia has splintered, leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Users are no longer soldiers of war but now play as bounty hunters who must band together to survive against the demon onslaught. A typical player must obtain gold (which serves as the in-story currency to buy weapons and stuff, as well as someone else’s allegiance), gems (to unlock rare items), and fusion boosters that can be used to upgrade one’s own avatar together with its gear to make for a more formidable in-game character.

Players are encouraged to sign up now to receive in-game rewards when Dungeon Hunter 5 finally rolls out. Early registrants, however, are encouraged to promote the game even further, as Gameloft reveals the more the game is shared on social media, more rewards will be unlocked for players. So if you’re looking for some rare in-game sword or bow, it might be a good idea to visit the DH5 micro-site now and start sharing to your comrades.

SOURCE: Dungeon Hunter 5