It’s that time of year again folks. Time to enjoy some delicious food, plenty of drinks, and enjoy some time with the family and friends, or those terrible in-laws. Black Friday is quickly approaching, followed by Cyber Monday and surely we’ll be reporting on tons of good deals. Today Gameloft has just announced they’ll be beating the rush and offering some great deals starting tomorrow.

Why wait until Friday morning to offer all these deals. Instead Gameloft has announced 6 top Android games will all be just $0.99 cents starting tomorrow. I love the move. This means you can enjoy these games (and ignore the fam) all day on Thanksgiving and blame it on Gameloft. We’re joking! Enjoy the time with the family guys.

Gameloft has just detailed that the Google Play Store will have its own set of deals, then they’ll be offering a few additional games for Android at the same holiday price but on the Amazon App Store. I wish they’d just do them all on Google Play, but to each his own.

Android users on Google Play can get The Amazing Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Backstab, and the Adventures of Tintin all for $0.99 starting tomorrow. Then on the Amazon App store they’ll also be offering the excellent N.O.V.A. 3 for the same price, as well as the ones mentioned above. The holiday pricing should take effect tomorrow so stay tuned for more details. Enjoy the deals from the Google Play Store.


  1. Strange, I tried to purchase the nova 3 but Amazon says it’s not compatible with my galaxy s2, while it’s ok on google store. Maybe it’s only for kindle fires?


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