If you don’t know what Gamefly is, think “Netflix for video games” and you’ve got it right away. Like some game stores, Gamefly has launched its own gaming publication, which it’s calling GameQ. Stop me if I’m going too fast for you. The magazine is available in digital format as an Android app, and it’s a free download even for those who don’t subscribe to the service.

The interface is pretty standard for a magazine app, being equal parts Kindle and Next Issue. The first and only issue available at the moment takes about ten minutes to download on a solid WiFi connection, so those of you with limited data plans probably don’t want to try it when out and about. Formatting can shift from landscape to portrait, but it’s designed to imitate a paper magazine rather than dynamically fit the shape of your tablet’s screen. That said, full articles scroll by vertically on a single page, saving lots of frustrating swiping. Smartphones are not supported.

While it’s hard to argue with free, the app could use some work. Even on my normally speedy Samsung tablet it tended to lag, with multi-second delays even for accessing the menu. The content itself is surprisingly varied given Gamefly’s scope – you’ll find info on indie and Android games right next to the latest Halo editorial. It’s far from perfect, but for dedicated console gamers it’s certainly worth a try. Download it for free in the Google Play Store now.

[via Droid Gamers]