3 episodes to go until the current season of hit HBO (and most pirated) TV show Game of Thrones and already fans are wondering what they will do in between this and the next, final season. Aside from rewatching the current and past seasons, there are tons of related things you can consume, like play mobile games like Telltale’s episodic show tie-in. Or read the books of course. But if you want something that doesn’t involve that much brain power, then you might want to look at Game of Thrones Conquest from Warner Bros.

They say they are a combat strategy game on their description, but when you actually look at how you play it, and then eventually play it, it’s more like a city building game that is obviously based on the story of Westeros and the various families and personalities duking it out to see who can sit on a seemingly uncomfortable throne. As the head of your house, it is your duty to collect resources, build your kingdom, forge alliances with other houses, and of course, since this is GoT after all, go on bloody battles against your enemies.

You would also need to communicate with your liege, fellow Bannermen, and allied houses through in-game chats. You don’t really want other Westerosis to see what you plan to do so secrecy is pretty important. Competition is also crucial, as you have Allegiance Leaderboards. After all, you are trying to get on the Iron Throne.

The game is still on soft launch though and some users have reported several bugs and extremely slow loading time. But if you want to check it out already and if it’s available in your territory, you can download Game of Thrones Conquest on the Google Play Store for free, but with in-app purchases.