Everyone knows the piracy happens in the software world. Smartphones are certainly no exception, particularly on the Android platform where you don’t have to buy from an official application store. One Android game developer has recently offered up some details that highlight the struggles game developers face with app piracy.

Developers Butterscotch Shenanigans, who developed the games Towelfight 2 and Quadropus Rampage, recently admitted that they had seen over 34,000 pirated copies of their first game on the Android operating system. By comparison, the number of pirated versions of their game on the iOS platform numbered only a little over 2400.

According to the developers, 95% of users who played their game on Android used an unofficial pirated copy. The game the developers are talking about is Towelfight 2 and it released at the same time for Android and iPhone users and $.99 on each platform. While 95% of Android players pirated the game, only 5% on the iPhone pirated.

Obviously, you can’t assume that every developer faces the same sort of massive piracy problems as Butterscotch Shenanigans. However, you can bet now a number of developers are facing the same challenge. Butterscotch will be switching to a freemium model moving forward with free to download games supported by ads and presumably in game purchases.

The developers say that it’s freemium title will be beatable solely by meeting goals in the game and by paying for access. Interestingly, the developers will also reduce the price for gamers who made progress in the free version of the game to begin with.

SOURCE: SlashGear