Google WiFi came out last year along with Google’s new look Pixel smartphones, and for the most part, this new mesh router does its job pretty well. But if you’re the type who likes to tinker around, you’re probably looking for ways to add more features to your Google WiFi unit. Enter the GaleForce open source project.

Google WiFi’s firmware is based on good old Chrome OS. When GaleForce is installed, it modifies the system and allows it to accept more changes and add more features, due to the fact that it now has root access. Apart from the standard Google WiFi router features, you can add features such as a built-in VPN, or changing the gateway IP address.

The hard part? Well, GaleForce is installed by flashing the firmware onto the device’s board itself, and for that, you will have to physically open the device. Then you need to have the wherewithal to put the device into developer mode, and then install the GaleForce image via a USB drive.

Check out the full instructions via the official GitHub page here. And make sure you know what you’re doing if you want to try this out.

VIA: Android Police