Most average and even high-power users are content with the hardware-software integration they get with their smartphone, especially when you’re talking about something as expensive as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But then there is a league of users who feel the urge of unlocking the bootloader and rooting the foldable smartphone to unleash its ultimate potential. Samsung usually makes it difficult to gain root access to its devices, but now with its premium device, the marque has made it feature curtailed too.

A recent identification from an XDA member reveals that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 disables the cameras when the phone bootloader is unlocked. On booting up the device with unlocked bootloader the cameras cease to operate and renders all functions, where camera is required, useless.

Samsung generally has Knox security on the devices, which is triggered when modification activity is identified. This trips the phone off warranty and may even disable Samsung Pay for good. Now in case you tend to fiddle with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, you are also going to make the phone lose its camera ability.

This means when bootloader is unlocked, you are going to sacrifice more than the warranty and the Knox-related features. There is no clear indication on why Samsung has chosen to go this way, but it is identified that on locking back the bootloader, the camera functionality is resumed.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3 alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 at the Unpacked event earlier this month. If you are in the market for a device with a folding form factor, there should be no second thoughts about these two Galaxy phones – in their own folding styles – being the best you can buy.


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