One of the best smartwatches out there now, at least Samsung-wise, is the Galaxy Watch 3 released a couple of months ago. And one of the best features of this wearable is its blood oxygen saturation measurement. The latest firmware update to the device is improving this important feature to help bring more accurate readings for users who need to measure this aspect of their health. The update has started rolling out in South Korea and hopefully soon, the rest of the world where the smartwatch is available.

During this time of COVID-19, measuring your blood oxygen levels can help you monitor for signs and symptoms of the virus. But it’s also important for those who are monitoring other health issues. This tool is not perfect of course but it does give you early detection when needed. And so an update that should make the measurement more accurate or useful is always welcome. This is what firmware version R840XXU1BTK1 for the Galaxy Watch 3 is supposed to give you.

Samsung didn’t really give any details about what the change exactly is except to say that it’s bringing improvement to the blood oxygen saturation measurement. SAM Mobile also says that the changelog indicates improvements in the running and biking exercises. Basically, heart rate voice guidance and accumulated distance are now added if they’re being recorded automatically when doing said exercises.

You’ll be able to listen to the voice guidance through the wireless headset that’s connected to your smartwatch. This feature was also brought to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the firmware update to that device and is also available to the latest Samsung smartwatches already. The Galaxy Watch 3 update also has the usual bug fixes and improvements that are part and parcel of any good update.

Samsung has started rolling out this update to users in South Korea first. No timetable yet has been announced as to when this will be available to other territories and countries.