This is my favorite way to test electronics. This and putting phones into a blender (I think you know what I’m talking about.) The following video(s) display the awesome power of Gorilla Glass, installed of course on a Galaxy Tab, by placing a Tab directly in the path of a really awesome CO2 powered pistol. It DOES make a dent, but a relatively small one when you think of how well basically any other bit of tech would stand up against such a blow.

The person behind the gun (and the whole experiment) shows you the power of the gun by blasting a cup made of glass into tiny little bits. If a tiny animal had been in that glass: dead. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME unless you work for an awesome company that will insure you against such awesome insanity.”580″ height=”344″0Kt7ckZ9Xho[/youtube]”580″ height=”344″QWNoFOmYe9k[/youtube]

[Via Samsung Hub]