Samsung recently offered an official announcement for the Galaxy Tab S lineup, which includes an 8.4-inch and a 10.5-inch model. At the time of that announcement they released a complete set of details. That means specs, pricing and availability. To that point, the tablets are already available for pre-order. Along with the initial release news — Samsung has also dropped their ‘official first look and hands-on’ video.

The video measures in at roughly 3 minutes and 30 seconds. But a bit more important is how the video sums up the features that many are going to find most important. You know, the highlights about the display and the thickness. Or maybe more accurate here — the thinness. The Galaxy Tab S is 6.6mm.

All in all Samsung has offered a nice mix of highlights dealing with the hardware and the software. If you happen to be considering a purchase — you may want to give this video a look before you make a final decision. Of course, seeing some independent hands-on coverage may also be beneficial before parting with your money. If nothing else, this Samsung first look video is a solid place to start.

That said, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is priced from $399.99 and the 10.5 is priced from $499.99. As mentioned, pre-orders are available from today with actual availability expected in July. Samsung has said the Galaxy Tab S lineup will be available from a variety of retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.