If you think that Barnes & Noble is already out for the count, both in its brick and mortar stores and its digital business as well, apparently they are not. They have just announced the launch of the newest member of their Nook by Samsung tablet series, the Galaxy Tab A NOOK. The device is being positioned as a reader’s tablet and contains all the content options that Barnes & Noble has to offer, including access to more than 4 million ebooks in its digital bookstore and a new app that will help you find your next reads.

The 7-inch tablet may not be at par with all the latest tablets that have been coming out of the market, but if you’re voracious reader and you prefer the Barnes & Noble eco-system over that of the other book retail giant and their own tablet line, then this may be for you. It runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, has an 8GB internal storage but can be expanded up to 200 GB through a microSD card. It supposedly has a long battery life and can last you up to 11 hours of reading time with Internet usage.

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But of course the device excels in bringing you reading content straight from Barnes & Noble’s digital library. The NOOK store has more than 4 million books and a million or so of those are priced at under $5. There are also 80,000 audiobooks and 9,500 titles are free, plus extensive collections of comic books and graphic novels and children’s books. You also have the NOOK Newsstand for subscription or single service of the top 100 best-selling US magazines. The B&N Readouts app meanwhile gives you quick reads, two-minute book excerpts, and full articles depending on the things you’re interested in.


The Galaxy Tab A NOOK is now available at Barnes & Nobles stores and through their online store as well. It is priced at $139.99. But if you have an old NOOK tablet that you’d like to get rid of, bring it at any of the B&N stores and exchange it for the new device and pay just $99.99. You can also present a proof of purchase of a NOOK to get your trade-in price.

SOURCE: Barnes & Noble


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