I know you all are just like me and are excited and anxiously awaiting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 to hit store shelves. Its super thin and will most likely be a big seller. I think 8.9″ is the perfect size and feels just right in the hand. Recently we mentioned the Tab 10.1 would be hitting stores in the next few days, and now we are seeing the Tab 8.9 hit the FCC. Things are looking better and better and hopefully I can get my hands on this device soon. Check out our Galaxy Tab 10.1 hands-on while you are here.

Our friends and AndroidCentral have just got word that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 has hit the FCC. This device is being called the “GT-P7310” and you can see more about that here. The Galaxy Tab line will now all be shipping with the updated Android Honeycomb version 3.1 and should be amazingly thin like we have already seen.

I personally cant wait to have the Galaxy Tab 8.9″ for myself as I’ll probably be taking it everywhere I go, It just feels right. So will you be getting the 8.9″ or will you opt for the larger 10.1″ that will be here soon? Or get the Asus Transformer that is out now? To keep you all excited I’ll go ahead and post the latest hands-on we have seen of the Galaxy Tab 8.9″ for your viewing pleasure. Sorry but it is not in English but we only need our eyes for this video.

[via Android Central]