Who says the Android goodies will only come to flagship and/or high-end phones? Samsung seems to also be giving the chance for some of its mid-range devices to experience what a lot of users of newer Android devices are already experiencing. The latest to receive an Android 5.0 Lollipop update is the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, and hopefully, this is just the kick-off for updates on the lesser known smartphones and tablets.

Another good thing about this latest update is that they’re bringing the Lollipop to both the WiFi and LTE variants of the tablet at the same time, even if they’re in different areas. The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 WiFi model has started rolling out in Spain while the LTE version is now receiving the update in the Nordic region first. This means users of either models will soon be able to experiencing the Lollipop features like Material Design, locked screen notifications, etc, that other Samsung tablet owners have already been enjoying.

However, Samsung has not yet said if they will also be updating the other smaller models , like the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 or the 8.0. But hopefully, they will also receive some Lollipop love, as will other lower-end smartphones from the OEM.

The update that the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 will be receiving is the Android 5.0.2 build. You can try and see through Samsung Kies on your desktop if the update is ready for downloading. Or if you can’t wait for the OTA to reach you, you can also download the firmware and do the manual upgrade of your tablet.

VIA: SAM Mobile