If you’re expecting the next Samsung flagship to be announced during next year’s Mobile World Congress late February or early March, the OEM may just surprise you. Well, if you believe the tweet from Italian tipster @Ricciolo1, that is. He/She said that the announcement of the Galaxy S9 will be earlier and that it will have a dual camera, it will be “faster” and that it will come with “new tricks”, just like the newly released iPhone X.

The Galaxy S8 announcement earlier this year was actually delayed because the company was still reeling from the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 and so they were making sure that this new flagship was free from batteries catching on fire. So “earlier” may mean the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show in January. But whether it’s during CES or during the MWC, what’s more important for consumers probably is what the Galaxy S9 will bring to the table. Or your hands, to be exact.

The dual camera is probably a given, since the Galaxy Note 8 has it while the earlier flagship, the Galaxy S8, did not. A faster smartphone is also expected, since consumers now want their devices to keep up with their multi-tasking brains and fingers. Now, as to what these “new tricks” are, that is the mystery. But what we do expect is that they will correct what is probably their biggest mistake for the flagships this year, which is placing the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone.

As with all rumors, take Ricciolo1’s tweet with a grain of salt. Its past tips have been pretty reliable so far, so there may be a grain of truth there somewhere.