The Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement is just barely a day old but you can feel the excitement from fans of the brand who are looking at a way to erase the memory of the Galaxy Note 7. If you’re a heavy Pinterest user, then this latest news will probably excite you. The visual social network has announced that their visual discovery search tool will be integrated into the new flagship’s Bixby mobile assistant, making it even easier for you to find visual pegs and identify items in the real world and where you can buy them.

If you’re not yet familiar with Pinterest visual discovery, it lets you take a picture of something that you’ve come across and then it will present you with pins, ideas, projects that are related or involves similar objects as well. How it will integrate with the Galaxy S8 is that you don’t need to be on the Pinterest app to use this tool. It’s actually integrated already into your phone’s camera through Bixby, which is the new virtual assistant that is already deeply integrated into the camera.

All you have to do is open up the built-in camera app, take a picture of a certain product you come across, and then Pinterest will send related content. You can also use this feature when looking at photos in the browser, or even your photo gallery. The Bixby Vision section will have an image search functionality and the results will actually be powered by Pinterest.

We will see what this partnership will actually look like once the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in the market. For now, you can still enjoy the visual discovery powers in your own Pinterest app.

SOURCE: Pinterest