Despite the flexibility and adaptability of the Android platform and mobile operating system, it still lacks the stable security that we would want for our devices. But Google has remained steadfast in providing monthly security updates, especially ever since the discovery of certain vulnerabilities. If you’re the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and a Galaxy Note 5 and your carriers are T-Mobile and Verizon, your July security patches are already available (or on its way).

There are not much details in the changelog for the software update. T-Mobile indicates a Google security fix, the maintenance release for both June and July, and various unspecified system improvements. The Verizon update page doesn’t say much as well, only that the current update will give your devices the most up to date security patch from Android. I guess you don’t really need to have the nitty-gritty details as long as the patches make your device more secure.

Last week, the Android Security Bulletin brought us a bit more details as to what to expect from this month’s security patches. They were actually divided into two. The July 1 patch level is the regular monthly update with fixes for a lot of vulnerabilities, including for an OpenSSL and BoringSSL vulnerability that lets remote hackers bring in a malicious code. The July 5 update fixes 12 security vulnerabilities related to Qualcomm and MediaTek drivers among others.

Even if you don’t understand any of this, the important thing is that you update your device every time these software updates come around just to be able to stave off those security vulnerabilities. So go and check your Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 for the latest updates.

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