With the launch of the Galaxy S5, we got the phone we expected. Samsung’s newest flagship was chock full of everything you could think of — and then some. Leading up to it, several reports suggested the handset could be a bit cheaper than its predecessors. If pre-order prices are any indication, that’s just not the case.

 Severa European portals have the device listed for varying amounts. Clove in the UK has the Galaxy S5 listed at £599. Amazon’s Spain portal has it for sale at 730 Euro. When you convert that to US Dollars, the Galaxy S5 is approaching the $1,000 mark. That’s not quite the “low cost” flagship we heard about.

All the chatter regarding the “low cost” Galaxy S5 likely stems from a few items of interest. The Galaxy S4 didn’t sell as well as Samsung had imagined, and even though it sold more than 60 million GS4’s worldwide, Samsung was reportedly unhappy with their volume. That led them to temper expectations for the GS5, as they saw their flagship market plateau.

Samsung was also said to be focussing on the mid-range market a bit more, and lowering the price of their Galaxy S5 to help encourage upgrades. So far, that’s just not the case. We’ll hope these are just companies being advantageous about the excitement surrounding the device, but that’s not likely. If you were hoping for a $450 GS5, go ahead and burst that bubble.

Source: SamMobile