If you were anticipating a fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S5, you might be in luck. The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor has reportedly been ‘confirmed’, with the sensor finding a home on the front of the device. Though a similar application than some other Android devices, the Samsung method for fingerprint utility is pretty interesting and unique.

According to SamMobile, the fingerprint sensor will be included on the home button, not under or around it. Leaked info also notes you can register eight fingerprints, and assign each a different task. You can also use each fingerprint to launch an app or widget, but at least one of your fingerprints must be used to unlock the device.

Samsung has also developed ‘Personal’ and ‘Private’ modes, wherein apps or files you don’t want seen can be tucked neatly away, seemingly locked away until you access them. The screen will also show your fingerprint in real time, so you know if you have a good read or not. Though not the only way to unlock your device or launch apps, it’s going to be a hot button feature moving forward.

Though this is touted as ‘confirmed’, it’s really not — not until Samsung confirms it. We don’t doubt SamMobile, as they have a great track record of correctly assessing new Samsung features ahead of launch, but hey… everyone is wrong now and then. As we expect to see this at MWC later this week, we’ll keep you ‘in the know’ on all things Samsung.


  1. They should really stop doing the same thing Apple is doing every time. It only makes Apple look better by doing so. I don’t think fingerprint scanner was that big of a hit, but now Samsung adding it their phone it draws the attention to it again and people realize Apple had it first AGAIN (I know they are not the first one, but I bet most people believe so). Please come up with a thing of your own and make it stick for a change.

      • really what??
        Motorola Atrix had it a few years ago if you are talking about fingerprint scanner. Google that one.

      • Chill, I was ment in recent years, that works…. you know. Let’s see the september when apple will copy all others android phones (tip: bigger screen or phablet)

      • “One Max was first all the time” doesn’t sound like you meant “recent years” although I am really not sure what that means. What is your definition of “recent”? You probably didn’t even know Atrix existed. I wouldn’t call “bigger screen” a copy. It would be more like following the trend.

  2. Well I hope they think real hard about this garbage because I for one will be NO LONGER A SAMSUNG USER! I think I will keep my fingerprints to myself. Kind of a bummer because I have 2 galaxy S4’s, a galaxy tab 10.1 , a galaxy note 8.0 and about $10,000 worth of Samsung home theater stuff including the 60 inch plasma. Please don’t make me smash this stuff and put it in the garbage.

    • LOL…

      1) Nobody is MAKING you use this feature. At all. Not now. Not ever. It doesn’t come with a contract inside the phone’s box that says “By turning on this phone, you agree to use the fingerprint scanner and register all 8 fingerprints this device is capable of storing”.

      2) If you’re scared about people stealing your fingerprint, don’t use it. See note marked as 1.

      3) Be more paranoid, please.


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