With the Galaxy S3, Samsung was quick to point out how well it was selling. The same can’t be said for the Galaxy S4, which Samsung has been very, very quiet about. While they keep pushing out devices like the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, we’ve become accustomed to the Galaxy S devices as their flagship.

So, what gives? Why aren’t they talking? If a new survey regarding device sales can be believed, they may not have much to discuss. Research firm Counterpoint notes that the device is still the worldwide sales leader, but that sales have slumped. More to the point, sales are not meeting expectations at all.

Counterpoint says the annual high of seven million phones sold in June has quickly slid. Samsung sold 5 million Galaxy S4 devices in August, which is a historically slim month for everyone. As new phones come out, Samsung’s market share is poached. While that will always be the case, Samsung may be seeing stronger domestic competition from the likes of Motorola and LG now.

It could also be due to Samsung’s market saturation. In the top 10, Samsung owns half of the spots. The list, according to Counterpoint, is as follows:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 International version
  2. Apple iPhone 5-16GB
  3. Apple iPhone 5-32GB
  4. Nokia Asha 501
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note II
  6. Samsung Galaxy S III mini
  7. Samsung Galaxy S III
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190
  9. Nokia Asha 205
  10. Nokia 105

While Nokia’s Asha devices always sell well outside of the US, we’re curious why the market research splits Apple’s iPhone offerings. Keep in mind, this data was compiled at the end of August, well before the iPhone 5S and 5C came out. It’s also worth noting that the Galaxy S3, which the S4 was supposed to supplant, still holds a strong spot at #7.
VIA: Android Authority


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