In the case of most modern day phone companies, the idea of replacing your battery or charging it out of the phone seems near impossible, unless you are a company tech employee. Samsung however, believes strongly in giving the consumer access to these important things, so they leave an SD slot and a replaceable battery on all their phones, behind the backplate. Now, you can finally purchase that new battery and charger kit for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s inescapable. Your battery will die at some point, when you least want it to. That Ferrari will drive by, that you’ve never seen before. You’ll see the most amazing recipe in a book store. And then, when you reach for your phone, your battery will be dead. It’s happened to all of us, and although Samsung‘s S4 does offer a great battery life, not all of us can afford the time out of our busy schedules to charge up.

The new Samsung battery charger and spare battery should help quell your worst fears, by way of always having an extra battery or your charger on hand. It’s currently available in a variety of online networks, including Amazon, and Samsung themselves. It comes with an original replacement 2600mAh battery, charger and micro-USB cable. Samsung has it for 49.99 from their own shop.

Although it seems a little old fashioned in the modern age for a phone company to include a separate batter and charger combo, it’s actually quite refreshing. With the portability of a spare battery brings less hassle on long trips. We just wish more companies had the mindset to do what Samsung does, because in the end, we don’t want to be the only one missing out on capturing that moment that Jessica Alba walked into the Android Community offices…

Ah, who are we kidding? We don’t have any offices.

SOURCE: Samsung


  1. I loved having it with my S3, I never had to have my phone plugged into a wall unless I forgot to charge one of the batteries. Since getting the S4, I have been waiting for Samsung to get this in stock. I saw that Amazon got it awhile ago, but Samsung still was not in stock. I wanted to get it from Samsung though as they gave me a 50% off coupon on $50 or less on accessories for registering my S4. I ended up getting it on Sat for $30 after shipping from Samsung. 🙂

    • you never plugged your phone into a wall? you mean you only ever plugged the battery into the wall and just swapped batteries, requiring a reboot each time?

      • Pretty much yeah. I don’t mean to say never. I did plug it in before I got the battery and charger, and also if I used both fully charged batteries without recharging one, I had to charge both. But with the s3, my battery would last about 20hrs so I would change it about once a day. Either in the morning when I woke up or in the evening when I went to bed. Sometimes, like if I was on it alot that day, I would have to change it during the day too.

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