Most of the major smartphone manufacturers put their own twist to the Android user interface, which some users of other brands might have found to be more useful than their stock options. Fans of Samsung‘s lockscreen on the Galaxy S 4 might now have a chance to get that feature on non-Samsung devices thanks to this new third-party app.

Samsung’s TouchWiz lockscreen can be described as both plain, useful, and sometimes even mildly annoying all at the same time. Aside from displaying information such as date and time and carrier information, the lockscreen also supports app shortcuts and notifications that can be launched with a simple swiping gesture. It also features a ripple effect that has become a signature of Samsung’s Galaxy devices, which might get tiring after the pretty novelty has worn off.

This Galaxy S4 Lockscreen app brings all those to other Android smartphones and adds in a few bonus features. The app will replace your current lockscreen but it will let you choose some customization options such as color or let users switch between ripple or lens flare effects. Using this lockscreen app, however, will mean saying goodbye to any lockscreen widgets you might be using, as the app, or the original lockscreen for that matter, does not support such widgets.


The Galaxy S4 Locksreen app is available for free from Google Play Store so if you’re one of those who have been won over by Samsung’s implementation, you might want to hit the link below. Do take note that this is a third-party app and is in no way officially associated with Samsung, so the usual precautions and disclaimers apply.

Download: Galaxy S4 Lockscreen on Google Play Store
VIA: SamMobile