Samsung has a lot of new phones lined up and more mid-rangers will be introduced in the coming months. The South Korean tech giant is already working on its next premium flagship series while it continues to promote the new Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and other Galaxy products. The Galaxy S series will add the Galaxy S21 in 2021. Before the official launch, expect numerous leaks and rumors will be published. It’s about half a year before the next big Unpacked event so don’t be too overwhelmed with information.

The next Galaxy S21 is believed to arrive with an S Pen. The idea has been heard before but it hasn’t been realized because there is still the Galaxy Note series. The stylus input didn’t come to the Galaxy Z Fold, at least, not yet.

The Galaxy S21 (others call it Galaxy S30) could offer S Pen support. It’s a possibility as new rumors are suggesting Samsung will be putting an end to the Galaxy Note series and may be replaced by the Galaxy Z.

Adding S Pen support to the Galaxy S will be a big change. As a major difference between the two, a Galaxy S with S Pen will leave the Galaxy Note not much different. It may be gone soon and we may have the Galaxy Z series as the only next premium flagship released during the second half of each year.

Only the Galaxy S21 Ultra may come with the S Pen. The regular Galaxy S21 won’t have it so there will still be a difference between the two. There will also be the Galaxy S21+ and it won’t have the S Pen.

So will the Galaxy Z Fold 3 come with an S Pen? That is a possibility too. Hopefully, by then, technology will be more than ready. We doubt if the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will offer stylus support.


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