It feels like almost ages ago when the year would open with one of the biggest annual consumer tech events. While CES 2021 will still be happening, like all other events before it, it will be happening virtually. And as always, Samsung will be holding its own event away from that crowd in order to hog the spotlight all to itself. Not that it really needs to, considering its next Galaxy Unpacked will be bringing quite the curious bunch of devices, headed by the Galaxy S21 series, of course.

The Galaxy S21 launch will be loaded with expectation because it seems poised to be unlike previous Galaxy S phones in more ways than one. From the extremely early launch date to rumors of its S Pen support, this year’s early Samsung flagship almost feels both like a stroke of genius as well as a sign of desperation. As always, the market will decide whether it flies or it flops and we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Samsung has officially put a date and time on its Galaxy Unpacked, which will take place virtually on January 14, 2021, at 10 AM ET. It doesn’t mention the Galaxy S21, of course, but its Unpacked event has always hosted its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note announcements. Aside from the early date, it’s pretty much standard fare for Samsung.

As for the Galaxy S21, the leaks have painted an almost complete picture of what the three smartphones would be. All eyes will undoubtedly be on the most premium Galaxy S21 Ultra, especially if it will indeed sport S Pen functionality. That said, the Galaxy S21’s reported low price tag, relatively speaking, could also be a game-changer for the series.

The phones won’t be alone on stage, though, at least if all other rumors are also correct. It will be joined by new the Galaxy Buds Pro and, for the first time, some Bluetooth trackers in the form of the Galaxy Smart Tags.


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