If you’re not a fan of smartphones without a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can rest easy as it looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will still have it. While there were previously reports that they will be getting rid of the jack to make more room for a bigger battery, it seems that early leaks of the phone and even early cases for it actually have space for your regular earphones. It may be bad news though for those expecting a bigger battery for the new Samsung flagship.

Earlier reports said that the new flagship line from Samsung would be the first that won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, which caused a mild panic for those who are still attached to their “old school” earphones and headphones. The absence of the traditional jack would have allowed Samsung to use a bigger battery as some manufacturers said that this is one way to make space for that.

But for reasons that are not still clear at this point, Samsung decided to stick with the jack, if you believe the leaked render and case images that we’re seeing in the weeks leading up to the supposed product announcement. Aside from the opening for the headphone jack, it looks like there will also be a notch, or rather a corner cutout, on the Galaxy S10. Notches seem to be the trend right now although not everyone is aesthetically pleased with this development.

Of course all of these are speculation at this point, but we have a few weeks to go before we’ll see the actual Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ so get ready for more speculation. We’re hoping that the new flagship line will be something ground-breaking since the past couple of lines have been a bit disappointing.

VIA: SAM Mobile