Here is another announcement we can surely throw in the rumor bin almost instantly. While the Samsung Galaxy S III has been a hot topic as of late, with plenty of rumors and leaks, we are now hearing some more chatter that Samsung might unveil it during their annual Samsung Africa Forum show at the end of this week after all. Possibly on Thursday or Friday. Do notice this is the same March 22nd event we’ve heard will NOT be the big unveiling.

Samsung’s annual Africa Forum is another way they showcase their popular and upcoming devices, but most likely they’ll only show the few items we saw at CES — nothing more. These rumors are pretty wild if you ask me. No way Samsung would announce one of if not their most anticipated smartphone, and their flagship without any notice. Especially in Africa where press isn’t at its fullest.

According to phonerpt Samsung will unveil the new flagship quad-core smartphone in Africa, but I’m tossing this in the rumor mill, and taking it with a pound of salt instead of a grain. We can’t truly see Samsung announce the device in that type of forum, but anything is possible I guess. We are still hopeful for some sort of announcement in April, possible around the Olympics for maximum exposure. Either way stay tuned right here as we look for more details. All the previous reports and rumors can be read from the links below.

I want it, and I want it now. Sadly we have a few more months of waiting most likely.