There’s a couple of press shots out there today with the name Galaxy S III attached to them, and although we do suggest a bit of caution in believing these details as Bible truth, the possibility that this “leak” is accurate still does exist. The Samsung line of Galaxy S devices is the best selling series in the history of Android, and continues to impress the whole Android community with each iteration: your humble narrator uses the AT&T Galaxy S II as one of his daily drivers, in fact – so this is no small news to us, I can assure you. And with such strange details included here, such as this device dual-booting Android and Samsung’s own Bada operating system, we’re crossing our fingers for an odd future reality.

There are two full renders, the one above and the one below, each of them showing off how this device may well be the next step in the Galaxy line what with its smooth back like the Galaxy Player and the Galaxy Note and its camera setup not unlike the Galaxy S II. This leak comes from the blog of wonderful concept renders by the name of Concept Phones and includes all the details you see in this post. This device they say will be called the Samsung GT-I9500 Universal, it’s got a 5-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 pixel resolution display, and behind its 9mm body you’ll find that camera setup which includes LED flash, Xenon flash, and a 12 megapixel camera.

This device will come with either 32 of 64 GB of internal memory as well as a slot able to work with microSDCX cards for memory expansion, and USB 3.0 will keep your transfers quick. There’ll be a pen tool like the Galaxy Note but it doesn’t appear to have an onboard carrying slot like its cousin, and inside there’s also a quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 1.5GHz processor. The version of Android inside will undoubtedly be Ice Cream Sandwich, and TouchWiz 5.0 runs right out of the box.

And then there’s Bada. How on earth it would make sense to run Android and Bada on the same device, I do not know, but apparently that’s what we’re seeing here. This display also obviously shows no need for a bezel, and 4G LTE connectivity will be working on this first configuration.

What this device may well end up being is not the Galaxy S III but the second generation (or the USA release) of the Galaxy Note. We’ll see soon!

UPDATE: Per Concept Phones:

“Samsung Russia just contacted us and said this is not a real phone. Here’s what they said: “The mock-ups, published in the article on, were posted in the “Imagined Phones” section of “Samsung Phones Owners’ Club” group on This section contains unofficial artworks and designs, created by group members, and are products of pure imagination, sometime even a joke”.” – Concept Phones

To see the rest of the concepts, check out the gallery they speak of at VKONTAKTE.RU, and believe what you wish!

[via SlashGear]


  1. Has to be a mock up.  Says 4 bars of 4G.  It would be an ATT phone and we know they’d never get 4 bars, and it only have 4 bars not the imaginary super 6 Verizon is now allowing.

  2. Almost certainly fake – the supposed S3 was leaked a few months ago in that Samsung presentation slide. Had more angular corners, which is in keeping with the more recent news that Samsung will be moving away from iPhone design language to avoid future Apple litigation.

  3. LMAO Bob its verizon… verizon only has 4 bars… its ATT with the imaginary 5 bars… and apple kept their 5 bars on the iphone when they came to verizon… slap in the face… 

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