We all know the folks at T-Mobile have been working diligently to get their own 4G LTE network up and running to compete with AT&T and Verizon. While their current 42 HSPA+ network is quick, it still isn’t quite 4G LTE. We know T-Mobile is planning to push their upgrade hard in the early parts of 2013, and a new leak shows the Galaxy S III might be first to the plate come March 27th.

According to a leaked roadmap provided by TmoNews Samsung has some big plans for T-Mobile. Earlier today we reported a Galaxy S III Mini type smartphone was headed to T-Mobile shelves this year, and now we’re hearing even more details about many of their plans. Who’s excited to get 4G LTE from the magenta carrier?

The leak shows Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini will be called the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit and should arrive around March 27th to pre-paid customers. Then while we were looking a little closer at the roadmap it shows the popular Samsung Galaxy S III with an LTE version. We’re not sure if T-Mobile will release a new 4G LTE model, or if they can update the current device and enable 4G LTE from inside the chipset.

Reports have suggested the Note II has 4G LTE dormant, and it’s possibly both Samsung Galaxy devices will get an update that enables T-Mobile’s faster speeds. The leaked roadmap gives a date for the Galaxy S III LTE set for March 27th, or April 3rd depending on how things go. We sure hope T-Mobile offers an incentive or discount for current GSIII owners to get a new one if an update doesn’t enable LTE. I’d be upset to have just bought their flagship to see it replaced with a faster version a few months later. Stay tuned for more T-Mobile LTE news.

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