Today all you lucky Samsung Galaxy S III users up in Canada should begin receiving the awesome and much anticipated update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Last week Samsung confirmed the updates would start today, and we can now confirm Jelly Bean is rolling out to the Galaxy S III on multiple carriers across Canada as we speak.

Samsung stated today would be the day, and we’re now seeing Jelly Bean get pushed out on Bell, TELUS, Rogers and more up there for all you Canadians. It’s been hitting other regions over the past few weeks, but you’re still on Ice Cream Sandwich so it wasn’t an extremely big deal. It’s nice to see Samsung issuing these updates at such a quick pace.

As usual the update is rolling out in stages and users can expect to see it arrive for their handsets over the next few days. Or you can just manually check for updates in settings and hope your carrier is ready to rock and send you that Jelly Bean treat. Also with Samsung, you can always pull the update and do it yourself right this minute with Samsung Kies should you not want to wait.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean brings tons of awesome new features to the Samsung Galaxy S III. My favorite still has to be the increase in performance with project butter, and of course Google Now. You’ll be able to enjoy those expandable notifications, the new keyboard, better browsing, and everything else that comes along with Jelly Bean. Hopefully 4.2 won’t be too far behind. Let us know how the update process goes for you down in the comments below.

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