Tired of the back-and-forth from Samsung on the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for its flagship Galaxy S II? Then how about some back-and-forth from  a Korean wireless carrier? SK Telecom, one of the largest wireless providers’ in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, tweeted out that updates for its Galaxy S II owners would begin tomorrow, March 13th (which is just a few hours away, with the time difference). Unfortunately, the tweet was deleted almost immediately. It said that the update would begin at 10 AM local time.

Those waiting for the official update to the international version of the Galaxy S II must fee like they’re listening to a broken record. Last week the Korean branch of Samsung said that the software would be released on Saturday the 10th, or the 15th, or possibly the 1st. Obviously at least two of these haven’t come to pass, but the continuing leaks and rumors would certainly seem to indicate that the update is due very soon. Keep in mind that an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the various international versions of the Galaxy S II would probably precede the US variants by a couple of months at least.

There’s been no shortage of alpha and beta versions of the official ROM, three of which have already made it to the outside world and are probably running on thousands of rooted phones right now. Based on the leaked ICS software, it’s extremely similar to Samsung’s TouchWiz-flavored Gingerbread, with the expected added features and Nova theme thrown in. Updates to most of Samsung’s high-end offerings, including the Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy Note, should follow shortly.

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