Apparently carrier ThreeUK has the inner track on when Gingerbread will be coming out for Galaxy S devices. What they do not say they know is which carriers will be getting this update for their users to implement first, what they do say they know is that it’s within the next couple of weeks. What this is being reported as by other sites is “OMFG GINGERBREAD COMING TO ALL GALAXY S PHONES IN APRIL, CONFIRMED,” this is simply not true.

First of all, ThreeUK is, as their brand name asserts, a United Kingdom based group. Second, this report was made by their Twitter account, a place where we KNOW PR folks have been unreliable in the past. That said, we don’t doubt that Gingerbread is very much so on the horizon for Galaxy S devices. Will it be you? We can only hope.

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[via Android Spin]