Part of the T-Mobile news this morning dealt with the upcoming availability of the Samsung GALAXY S 4. But more to the point for the day, it looks like a GALAXY S 4 system dump has surfaced online. Basically, this means that we are being given the opportunity to see and even play with some of the goodies that will come with the handset. Up today we are seeing the updated version of S Voice as well as the GALAXY S 4 ringtones and wallpapers.

The S Voice app is available in APK form and therefor able to be sideloaded on select devices. The early reports are showing the GALAXY S 4 version of S Voice to be compatible with the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy S III and the Nexus 4. These leaks are coming by way of the folks at SamMobile who note the APK appears to work “work flawlessly on Samsung Firmwares whereas has some issues on AOSP based ROMs.”


That said, those choosing to install the APK will need to do so at their own risk. As for us, it seems to work just fine on a Galaxy S III and for those curious, yes it can be uninstalled. The installation process is the same as any other sideloaded APK and offers the same warnings as you go through the process. Once installed, the updated version of S Voice appears to be close to the same as the previous version. That is to say while it may have some minor differences, the main features remain the same as before. We included several S Voice screen captures with some seen above and the rest being tucked away in the gallery at the bottom of the post. The S Voice APK can be found using this link.

Otherwise, the ringtones are packed up in an 11.8MB file download and are described as being inspired by nature. Of course, that just goes in to the bit about the GALAXY S 4 using the Nature user interface. This also ties in with the wallpapers. There are seven HD wallpapers in total, of which you can check out a few in the above image gallery. The full collection of ringtones are located here and the full collection of wallpapers can be found here.

[via SamMobile]


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